To protect your assets and your people, you need to know

where vulnerabilities lie.


What if?

In today's sometimes unexpected world, you need a plan. Does your business or place of worship host thousands of people gathering at any given time? Does your business or place of worship hold large amounts of cash? If you answered yes to either of these questions, YOU ARE AT RISK OF BEING TARGETED.

If you're responsible for the safety and lives of large groups of people, you need a plan of action. What if a disgruntled ex-employee enters your building? What if someone targets your operation for theft? What if a shooter targets your church on Sunday morning? What do you do to prevent or minimize the damage?


Do you have a plan?


business and church security assessments provide:

  • Awareness of vulnerabilities at your physical location(s)
  • Provide a detailed assessment of employee or group safety
  • Complete audits regarding regulations and laws as required by your industry
  • Develop a specific analysis of crime in your area
  • Evaluate security systems effectiveness
  • Review your policies, procedures and operations manuals where security is concerned
  • Review on-site security personnel
  • Evaluate physical Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) standards
  • Complete a Vulnerability Findings report
  • Research executive or religious figure travel safety and procedures
  • Active shooter training and scenario planning
  • And piece of mind with so much more...

Be prepared, let's start putting your plan together today.

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