Security threats, attacks and riots are daily news.

Our executive protection & bodyguard agents continuously undergo extensive training to assess and handle any threat that may present itself, whether in a public or private forum.


Our agency has developed a diverse team of trained agents, possessing backgrounds in law enforcement, military and emergency medicine. Through education and collaboration, we have extended our operation network internationally so that we can provide excellence wherever your case or event needs a professional.

Our approach is the belief that the best protection is an integration of tactical assessment and high level, on site security. Let Jan-Lee become an integral part of your private or corporate environment so that you can focus on what matters. Whether ongoing or for events only, our executive protection and bodyguard agents are trained experts at assessing potential threats and protecting our clients.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Single agent protection detail
  • VIP protection
  • Dignitary protection
  • Religious figure protection
  • Family/ domestic protection
  • Workplace terminations
  • Tactical medicine
  • Surveillance & reconnaissance

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